Ben is a cinematographer and director with a distinctly honest style, always with a strong desire to capture beautiful and deeply moving imagery. His visceral and emotive storytelling approach honours ideas centred around human experience — evoking feelings of immersion, yearning, intimacy, inspiration, and wonder.

Early on Ben was drawn to experimental techniques — playing with the beauty of natural light to build on unbridled looks and develop his style. While his process has evolved over time — gaining a higher level of intention and refinement — it holds always, strong visual character and profound depth at heart. 

Ben works predominantly with non-actors to nurture authenticity — the ethereal nature of his work; a seemingly delicate balance of bold cinematic choices and deeply moving performances.

Based in South Australia on the dreamy Fleurieu Coast, Ben has consigned throughout the UK, Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa — his aesthetic crossing genres in film, commercial, and documentary. 

His reputation has garnered respect, and recognition globally — including over 25 ACS Awards and 8 Vimeo Staff Picks — accolades that are a testament to the truly special, and unique quality of his craft.